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Who We Are


We Are Strategic EOS Implementers Focused on Driving Efficiency to Your Business

We want to help you address:

  • Organization, structure, and leadership issues
  • Three years or more, of little to no growth
  • Growth in gross sale, but not earning
  • “Nobody but me can do it” syndrome
  • The potential for selling, or changing your day-to-day involvement
  • Changes in working efficiently

Every organization reaches a point in which they stall or hit the ceiling. Partnering with Blind Side gets you past that point, focuses on you and your Company potential, and gets you traction in achieving your potential.

Get to Know Blind Side &
Our Process

We’ve been in your shoes and we know what it takes to be successful.  Blind Side’s coaching comes from experience, not a textbook. We know that a cookie-cutter approach is never helpful, which is why each modification is carefully crafted with your business in mind.


The process is simple. A Blind Side Advisor, who is certified as an expert Level Business Coach, will meet with you to discern why you feel stuck and what you have previously tried to do about it. During this meeting, you will learn our process and the commitment it requires. Besides a short assessment and a potential personality assessment, you will determine your 2-3 years goals, your current issues, and what you ideally want from a business coach.


The answers above provide help us to narrow down areas of focus, tools to apply and how to best work with you. We will then schedule you and your advisor’s journey. This includes reviewing your organization’s structure and management team, your longer-term plans and vision, and starting to identify 3-month goals, weekly metrics, and your open items list.


Each meeting is conducted following a prototype that ensures each area of necessity is discussed. Goals, key issues, activities since the last meeting, and any new issues are all covered to ensure that the process is moving ahead. At each meeting, you and your advisor will agree to the next steps in your schedule and conclude with setting the next 1 or 2 meeting times.


Your advisor will follow up within 24 hours of each meeting, with a recap that highlights the discussions had, the commitments made, and the plan for the following meeting. Everything is done with your company’s success in mind. The process is simple but the results are substantial; your blindside is covered.

The Blind Side Team

Marcus Sipolt

Business Operations &

Nate Sachs

Business Coach &
Transitional Leader

Ellie Wilson

Executive Assistant

David Lane

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