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Accomplishing Goals as You Grow

Getting a company’s vision clear, concise, and understood by the leadership team and all the employees, customers, clients and venders, in my experience, is the 2nd most important thing for a small to mid-sized organization to accomplish.   The first, is just as important, to instill a discipline of accountability with all parties. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) does a great job of this along with even more opportunities.

The web cast below communicates well when addressing some of the components to set up your vision for your company and is worth taking a listen.  Overall, any of Donald Miller’s Story Brand podcasts are informative for keeping your vision of your company.  I would strongly suggest learning about his entire Story Brand process, as it can make a huge difference in marketing programs and especially websites within your company. 

Take a listen to any of his podcasts and look closer at his Story Brand process at

How to Accomplish Goals Even as Your Company Changes and Grows
The more your business grows, the harder it is to actually get stuff done. This week on the podcast, Megan Hyatt Miller shares how strategic planning and vision-casting has helped Michael Hyatt & Company successfully grow throughout the years. Implementing these simple strategies will help your team go from setting ambitious goals to actually accomplishing them! It’s not too late to reach your
end-of-year goals — listen to this episode of the podcast, today!

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