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How to Confront an Inefficient Team Member

Have you ever worked in a company with “elephant in the room?” You know, like the underperforming employees where side comments would be made and most the time when the issue is brought up, it is swept under the rug by the president or owner for one reason or another.  

There is no doubt this situation could bring everyone’s performance down.  For sure, it did not challenge or motivate anyone to step up his or her game.

There is no doubt that EOS forces the issue to be addressed in a very professional manner.   The issue comes quickly to light from the first session of clearly defining leadership positions and their responsibilities to having real time interviews for the positions to weekly and quarterly status reporting.  In one company I worked with, addressing the elephant in the room actually paid for the cost of implementing the program in less than 3 months.

For sure working with an outside professional implementer quickly and practically guarantees that success, but I will save that for another time.  Read this article for some other quick related points.

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